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Nano Plans

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Oddly Satisfying Tech • 21m

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  • Nano Plans

    A free-form exploration of computer-aided designs (CAD) for nanoscale construction. These digital blueprints are used to manufacture miniscule nanostructures as intricate as the Eiffel Tower. Their repeating fractal-like octagonal design imparts great strength and flexibility, resulting in one of...

  • Computer Chip

    Vintage scanning electron microscopy of a 1980s computer chip. The images were created through the excitation of electrons rather than by the reflection of light. Hues of color were created with rare in-microscope 'lighting' using 3 electron beams. Magnified hundreds of times, the semiconductor s...

  • Laser Kaleidoscope

    A colorful macro kaleidoscope of laser light reflecting on ferrofluid. Ferrofluid is an oily fluid that becomes magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. The black liquid takes the shape of magnetic lines of force. Music by KRON.