Ambient science videos combine the wonder of learning with the calm of slow tv.
Explore science at a serene pace.

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Science You Can See

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Give your sense of wonder a nudge

Like a moving picture book, the simplicity of our format quiets the mind and creates space for authentic wonder and curiosity to spark. Throughout hours of uninterrupted science, episodes work their wonders unobtrusively. Occasional narration will take you on a deep dive. Original synth soundtracks help to hypnotize.

Welcome to your Happy Place

Unlike typical nature programs which can expose viewers to disturbing scenes, Wonder Science serves up natural beauty, stories of cooperation, fascinating science, and futuristic technology. This is a safe space for optimistic sensibilities. Positive vibes ahead!

Look Close, Look Long

Think you've seen it all? Go small. When you look at certain things really really closely, they transform and become vibrant and more beautiful, and even more mysterious. Exploring the microscopic world shifts your perspective — the mundane suddenly transforms into the exotic.

We not only observe closely, we observe patiently. We're excited to be creating Slow TV for Science. Real-time coverage of events and organisms makes for entrancing, tranquil viewing.

We believe that science media can both relax and enrich you.

What's so great about wonder?

Experiencing wonder benefits physical and mental health. In studies, people report increased feelings of calm and interconnectedness, and reduced stress.

Wonder is defined as “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.” Wonder Science can give that to you!

Get Wonder Science and probably feel better today!

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