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A moving picture book of award-winning, beautiful science visuals. Stream dozens of episodes. Get into the flow with a Free Trial!

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Escape into microscopic worlds.

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Let us give your sense of wonder a nudge

Like a moving picture book, the simplicity of our format quiets the mind and creates space for authentic curiosity to spark. During hours of award-winning content, episodes work their wonders unobtrusively. Occasional narration will take you on a deep dive. Synth soundtracks help to mesmerize.

Welcome to your happy place

Unlike typical nature programs which can expose viewers to disturbing scenes of predation and destruction, Wonder Science serves up natural beauty, stories of cooperation, fascinating science, and futuristic technology. Positive vibes only.

Shift your perspective

Think you've seen it all? Go small.
When you look really closely at something, it becomes more vibrant and more beautiful, and altogether different. Exploring the microscopic world shifts your perspective — the mundane suddenly transforms into the exotic.

We believe that what you watch should relax *and* enrich you.

A childlike sense of wonder

The Oxford English Dictionary defines wonder as, “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.” Wonder Science will take you there.

Studies show that experiencing wonder benefits our physical and mental health with increased feelings of calm and interconnectedness, and reduced stress.

Wonder Science encourages play and creates space for wonder.

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