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A streaming channel of rare, beautiful, and mostly ambient science visuals.

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Escape into microscopic worlds.

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Quiet your mind

We want to awaken your sense of wonder. Experiencing wonder has been shown to increase feelings of calm, improve physical and mental health, create a sense of interconnectedness, and reduce stress. Finding ways to relax is more important than ever before, and we hope this will be a pleasant one.

During hours of award-winning content, episodes work their wonders unobtrusively. You are your own guide, excursioning to the far reaches of science, accompanied by musical soundtracks from the likes of KRON, Johnny Woods, Stuart Price, and El Tigr3. Occasional narration will take you on a deep dive.

Whether you’re enjoying your own company, hanging with friends, studying, doing chores, or entertaining the kids, create a unique atmosphere with Wonder Science.

Accentuate the positive

We highlight the most powerful force that drives evolution -- cooperation. Over the past half century, the scientific world has largely come to accept that the evolution of species is shaped by cooperation more than by competition. Unlike traditional nature programs which expose you to unsettling scenes of predation and fierce competition, on Wonder Science, you’ll witness the impacts of beauty, altruism, and symbiosis in nature.

Think you've seen it all? Go small.

The smaller you look, the bigger your world gets. When you see the world through a bug’s eyes, for example, or from a microscopic vantage, your perspective instantly expands. Just like the cosmos, the micro world contains vast stretches of space and mystery to explore — right here on earth!

We believe that what you watch should both relax and enrich you.

A mindfulness approach to learning.

Wonder Science video content encourages play and creates space for authentic curiosity to spark. Subscribers can email [email protected] to request free access to Wonder Science K-5th grade lesson plans that accompany certain video episodes. Crafted by educators in accordance with Next Generation Science Standards, the curriculum lesson plans are overflowing with multidisciplinary activities and extras!

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