Soothing Nature

Soothing Nature

Wonder at the science of planet Earth— its beauty, its history, and the quite literally world-shattering processes that act upon it. Excavate a treasure trove of crystalline wonders and explore the fascinating commonalities shared by the most diverse ecosystems.

Soothing Nature
  • Inside an Opal

    Inside a precious opal, shafts of refracted pastel light and pinfire illuminate miniature caverns. Play of Color is a term mineralogists use to refer to the unique way lightwaves get refracted inside an opal, generating fluctuating colors. The screen shows a 3-millimeter wide area of the gem. Thi...

  • Flowers Vol.1

    Pollen grains and flower petals take on new dimensions as the surface details of various flowers are magnified over 5000x larger than actual size inside a scanning electron microscope. SEM video courtesy of David Scharf, Original score by KRON.

  • Everglades

    Glide through the unique ecosystem of the Everglades National Park in Florida, USA. Luxuriate in the languid stillness of untamed nature.

  • Big Sur

    Relax to scenic vistas of the famed Northern California coastline.

  • Snowflakes Vol.1

    One of nature's wonders, a snowflake's hexagonal symmetry begins on the molecular level. Trillions of identical water molecules collect together in a cloud to form a single snowflake. Each molecule is comprised of just three atoms -- two Hydrogen and one Oxygen atom, H2O. Self-organization enable...

  • Snowflakes Vol.2

    Float through the center of hundreds of real snowflakes, each one a unique wonder. The hexagonal shape of a snowflake reflects the arrangement of its atoms, ten million times smaller on the molecular level. Oxygen atoms are heavier than Hydrogen atoms, making the molecules join together the exact...

  • Gems

    Feast your eyes on a scintillating variety of jewels from the Harvard University Mineralogical and Geological Museum. Glittering green diamonds, watermelon tourmalines, brilliant sapphires, rubies, and natural diamond trigons -- seen magnified through a stereomicroscope.

  • Inside Gems

    Suspended inside a Rainbow Lattice Sunstone, straight-line geometries shine in metallic pastels. In a one of a kind microscopic vision, gaze inside this and other precious stones. This program was made in collaboration with mineralogist and photomicrographer, Danny Sanchez. Music by KRON.