Oddly Satisfying Tech

Oddly Satisfying Tech

Wonder at the science that guides the design and construction of the things we build, from the mightiest machines to complex architecture small enough to fit inside a human hair. Focus on several of the smallest and most astounding materials and structures ever made. Explore phenomena from engineered nanostructures to magnetic ferrofluid and see scientific principles come to vivid life.

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Oddly Satisfying Tech
  • Nano Plans

    A free-form exploration of computer-aided designs (CAD) for nanoscale construction. These digital blueprints are used to manufacture miniscule nanostructures as intricate as the Eiffel Tower. Their repeating fractal-like octagonal design imparts great strength and flexibility, resulting in one of...

  • Laser Kaleidoscope

    A colorful macro kaleidoscope of laser light reflecting on ferrofluid. Ferrofluid is an oily fluid that becomes magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. The black liquid takes the shape of magnetic lines of force. Music by KRON.

  • Computer Chip

    Vintage scanning electron microscopy of a 1980s computer chip. The images were created through the excitation of electrons rather than by the reflection of light. Hues of color were created with rare in-microscope 'lighting' using 3 electron beams. Magnified hundreds of times, the semiconductor s...

  • Crush Test

    Real time video of engineered nano-structures undergoing tests for strength and resilience. The weight lowers at the rate that a fingernail grows, only visible in extreme close-up. The nano-structures are as intricate as the Eiffel Tower, and you could fit a city block of them on the head of a pi...