Hypnotic Forces

Hypnotic Forces

Wonder at the science of... everything! If you have some spare time let us tell you about the universe itself, what it’s made of and how it behaves. Watch the invisible forces of physics made spectacularly visible. Marvel at dynamics of motion and energy demonstrated in a variety of liquids including liquid crystals, ferrofluid, oil, water, and soap.

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Hypnotic Forces
  • Slow TV: Vitamin C

    Two real-time crystallizations of pure Vitamin C colorfully compose under a polarizing microscope.

  • Ludic

    Chemical crystallizations create abstract art you need a microscope to see.

  • Fluid Dynamics

    Fluid dynamics elegantly articulated by the combination of dyes, water and oil. Liquid loops video courtesy of the Joshua Light Show.

  • Bubbles Vol.1

    The spherical shape of a bubble embodies the mathematical principle called Minimal Surface. These floating, fleeting, iridescent orbs possess the highest ratio of enclosed volume to surface area of any geometric shape. The sphere is nature's most economical design.

  • Bubbles Vol.2

    Layers of tiny bubbles in fluid move in accord with gravity as they tilt. Liquid Loops video courtesy of the original Joshua Light Show.

  • Cymatics

    Sound energy is made visible in dynamic wave patterns by vibrating a shallow pan of water. Today physicists are providing evidence that particles of sound can carry tiny amounts of mass. Cymatics is a dynamic demonstration of this property, showing the energy from sound waves transferred into a l...

  • Ferrofluid

    Frictionless ferrofluid becomes magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. Developed as a liquid rocket fuel for NASA in 1963, ferrofluid is an oily black fluid full of suspended nano magnetic particles. The liquid itself assumes the shape of magnetic lines of force. It forms spiky peaks and...