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Watch this video and more on Wonder Science

Plant Cells

Life is Good • 31m

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    Float along with colorful butterflies filmed in macro slow-motion. Butterflies capture our hearts and imagination. Featuring macro slow-motion video and thermal imaging, this program was made with the participation of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, as well as contributions of bio-mime...

  • Stephanoceros

    Meet a tiny 1000-celled animal living among single-cell organisms. Rotifers are among Earth's smallest animals, and even though this Stephanoceros is a giant rotifer, it is still barely visible to the unaided eye. Beautifully captured in award-winning video microscopy by Tom Jones. Original music...

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    Only a few will be Queen. Discover what it takes to start a new ant colony in this rare visit inside a founding queen's underground brood chamber.